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Through the whimsical combination of concertina, toy-piano and double bass, Toy-Box Trio enables audiences to experience through-composed music in an entirely new way. A natural extension of the classical piano trio--a staple in chamber repertoire--extended into the modern age, the Trio infuses the concert hall experience with a world of dusty old music boxes, haunted carnivals, and a "neo-cabaret" aesthetic.

Welcomed by a variety of audiences including families, symphony-goers, and steampunks, the Trio is at home in venues ranging from concert halls to cabaret clubs. No matter where they find themselves, Toy-Box Trio lulls energized crowds into silent, active listening as they create an intimate atmosphere peppered with jokes, factoids, and a relaxed presentation.

The Trio performs frequently around the Pacific Northwest, appearing at a wide variety of venues. As recurring favorites at Town Hall Seattle, the Trio has been featured in the iconic venue's Accordi-O-Rama V concert and headlined a circus-themed children's show as part of the Saturday Family Concert series. Additional appearances include Teatro ZinZanni, the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle International Cabaret Festival, the Seattle Symphony's Day of Music, regular performances at Gallery X17, and an annual concert at Steamcon. Aside from stage performances, Toy-Box Trio has been featured on KEXP's "Sonarchy Radio" and has made live television appearances on NBC's "New Day Northwest" and the Seattle Channel's "Art Zone with Nancy Guppy".

Concertina player Harlan Glotzer founded Toy-Box Trio in Spring of 2007. In addition to his work on the concertina, Harlan serves as the principal composer for the Trio. He has penned all of the group's original tunes, including the beloved "Circus Theme" suite, as well as numerous commissioned works performed by the Trio. Most recently, Harlan composed the musical theme for Space Dog Books' interactive e-book version of the classic Treasure Island. Other commissions and uses of the Trio's recordings include appearing on 3 compilations produced by the steampunk music blog Sepiachord, Philadelphia's Olde City Sideshow, and inclusion in the feature films My Lucy Charm and Back Ally.

Toy piano maven Dana Wen joined the Trio in Fall of 2007, coming to the toy piano from the concert grand. She seamlessly blends the inherent whimsy of the toy piano with the musicality and grace of a concert soloist.

In 2010, the Trio released their first full length album, Miniature Menagerie. The disc features concertina, toy piano, and tuba, and includes works that incorporate the sounds of cello, typewriter, and virginal.

Since the release of Miniature Menagerie, tuba player Nate Lee has relocated to the Midwest, and been succeeded by Shaunessey Fischer Scott on double bass. An extremely inventive and tasteful player, Shaunessey Fischer Scott rounds out the low end of the trio like no other.

As musical innovators committed to the constant evolution of classical music, Toy-Box Trio is devoted to redefining the concert experience while bringing new musical moments to children of all ages.

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